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Single Post Car Lift

Single Post Car Lift

1. In particular, YQJD series single post lift has been designed and built for jerking or lifting automobiles of any sort.
2. As a kind of commonly used auto maintenance equipment, our single post car lift is widely used in auto manufacturing plant, car repairs, household garage, and so forth.

1. This high-tech, advanced single post lift is stable structurally, much easier to use. Its high strength solid steel framing makes it more durable.
2. This car lift is designed with an excellent speed reducer, an efficient synchronized operation system, and positional lock function.
3. YQJD series single post auto lift falls into two categories, that is, mobile single post lifts and immobile single post lifts. Our mobile car lifts is applicable for outdoor applications and immobile lifts are suitable for indoor applications.
4. Our single post lift has obtained the European 2006 CE certificate.


Type Lifting capacity of single post lift (t) Maximum lifting height (mm) Lifting speed (mm/s) Power (kw) Voltage(V) Control Voltage(V) Package size (mm) Weight (kg)
YQJD-2.5G 2.5 1800 24 1.5 380 24 1800x1600x2760 700
YQJD-2.5Y 2.5 1800 24 1.5 380 24 2250x1300x2760 790

As a professional car lift supplier in China, we can also provide single post lifts, two post lifts and hydraulic scissor lifts. Additionally, we can also provide many other automotive maintenance tools, like tire changers and wheel aligners, and more. All our products are CE certified and are widely used in auto service industries all over the world. If you have any auto inspection, repair and maintenance equipment need, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our reliable product quality and considerate customer service will certainly make you a return customer.

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