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Chassis Dynamometer for Dynamic Performance, Exhaust Emission and Oil Consumption

Chassis Dynamometer for Dynamic Performance, Exhaust Emission and Oil Consumption

Chassis dynamometer is a device used to place a load on an engine and then measure its performance.

1. DCG-2000ASM chassis dynamometer is the modified version of DCG-2000. This device accurately checks dynamic performances, rate of exhaust emission and oil consumption. It is an ideal automobile performance inspection device for use in government vehicle inspection, environmental protection inspection department, auto manufacturers, and so on.

2. DCG-2000ASM chassis dynamometer has taken international standards and practices in its design and manufacturing by which it fits anywhere around the globe. Thus, it has been exported to many countries in large quantities over the past couple of years. Additionally, our chassis dynamometer conforms to the environmental protection requirements of People's Republic of China for gasoline and diesel oil vehicles (HJ/T396-2007, HJ/T291-2006, and HJ/T292-2006). This vehicle service equipment is ideal for emission detection of exhaust from light-duty gasoline-fueled vehicles to diesel engine vehicles.

1) The machine bracket is of bended steel plate welded all-round. The flywheel is coaxial with the main roller. Meanwhile, this dynamometer is designed with an ultra low parasitic power. So, our chassis dynamometer is characterized by reasonable structure, precise measurement, and nice appearance.
2) Additionally, modified DCG-2000ASM chassis dynamometer has improved strength calibration tools making the device much more efficient for power calibration and also, the device itself is incredibly magnificent.
3) Our chassis dynamometer is equipped with a high-tech air-cooled eddy current motor which facilitates heat dissipation and minimizes air resistant. Coaxial roller is connected by a special rubber coupling. The vice roller is connected to the main roller by a rubber timing belt which ensures low noise and high performances. To prevent slippage, the main roller is knurled or painted with high friction coefficient kentanium plasma spray.
4) The use of 7.5kw drive motor attached with a frequency converter can provide stepless speed regulation and accurately measure the internal power loss of the machine.

Specifications of chassis dynamometers

Max. axle load (t) 3.5 10
Roller Diameter × Roller Length (mm) Φ216×1000
Roller center spacing (mm) 434
Max. absorbed power (Kw) 350
Motor power (kw) 7.5kw
Testing speed (vehicle) (km/h) 0~160
Max. brake torque (N.m) 1600
Flywheel inertial (kg) 900kg
Weight(kg) 1700 1800
Dimension (mm) 3820×1150×540 4020×1150×540

We is a certified chassis dynamometer supplier and exporter based in China. Through our joint efforts, We has been ISO9000 certified. Our primary products include chassis dynamometers, cylinder boring machines, crankshaft grinding machines, automobile diagnosing instruments, tire changers and oil drainers, etc. They are all CE certified. Thanks to our reliable product performance, economical price and large product inventory, we have won lots of customers in South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. If you have any auto inspection equipment need, or auto repair equipment requirement, please pick up your phone and give us a call. We are looking forward to working with you.

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