Automobile Instrument

Automobile Inspection Instrument

What is this?
This is a kind of automobile inspection equipment.
1. Here, an automobile instrument refers to an automobile performance inspection instrument used in combination with chassis dynamometers to test automobiles' dynamic performance, fuel economy and exhaust emission, etc. It is usually used to stimulate the working condition of an automobile in a road test.
2. In the working condition of constant speed, this automobile instrument can be used to test the output power of vehicle chassis, wheel torque, and display the power consumption graphically.
3. If used in combination with a fuel gas analyzer or smoke opacity tester, this automobile inspection equipment can test the CO, CO2, HC, and O2 content in the exhaust gas and show them graphically in colors respective.
4. This automobile instrument can also be used to test the speed meter, odometer, acceleration time and sliding distance of automobiles.

Features of this automobile instrument or automobile performance inspection
1) The control system of this automobile instrument adopts high performance industrial computer with win2000 OS. This use multi-media technology to display test results in different ways and its human interface. Built-in RS232 date interface, network card, and LED screen for effective internet connection.
2) Equipped with complete package of both hardware and software. This automobile instrument is suitable for auto comprehensive performance in various safety inspection stations, automobile manufacturers and dealers, automobile repair shops, etc.


Automobile instrument for auto performance inspection
Computer Standard 4U
Monitor 0.28.17"CRT
Software platform Win2000
Speed ±1.0%(F.S)
Force ±2.0%(F.S)
Power ±2.5%(F.S)
Distance ≦±1.0%
Time ≦±0.2 sec
Response time 0.025 sec
Constant speed control error ≦±0.2 km/h

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