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Computer Storage Oscilloscope

Computer Storage Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is also known as a scope or O-scope. Oscilloscopes fall into variety of categories by their working ways, including analog storage oscilloscope, analog sampling oscilloscope, digital storage oscilloscope, and PC based oscilloscopes (PCOs), and more. This kind of electronic test instrument is regularly used in science researches, medicine and telecommunications industries, and engineering fields, etc.
Here we will primarily introduce our computer storage oscilloscope, or called PC based oscilloscope. It is commonly used for automobile electrical system inspection.

Advantages and functions
1. Our computer storage oscilloscope can be connected to a special interface of automobiles, and then it can conduct electrical system inspection on automobiles and test the running state of auto engines.
2. 5 channels input and synchronized display.

3. Our computer based oscilloscope is designed with 4 measuring modes and its measurable voltage range is adjustable.
4. Input capture or input trigger function is available.
5. Any channel can be set as the signal source.
6. Our computer storage oscilloscope can set rising edge or falling edge to capture or trigger signals.
7. The signal level is adjustable.
8. The data can be saved in computers' hard disks, and the system will automatically call in saved data when the it starts.
Due to aforementioned advantages and functions, our computer storage oscilloscopes are widely used on automobile repair plants and auto service stations.

1. Data backup is allowable. Thus users can review the data at anytime in the future.
2. This PC based oscilloscope can display differential signals of any two channels.
3. After signal is locked, this storage oscilloscope can display the waveform of max. 93 hours.
4. All functions of our PC based oscilloscope can be operated through mouse and hotkeys.
5. It can be used in combination with a laptop PC, thus providing great portability.
6. Several storage oscilloscopes can be connected to a same computer.
7. When USB got disconnected in unexpected situations, the system will reconnect USB automatically and won't stop running.
8. Our computer storage oscilloscope is suitable for long term monitoring on equipment running state, and in the meanwhile, save the data.
9. It can be used to collect the dada of temperature, humidity and lighting in a long run, and in the meanwhile, save the data.

Technical specifications of computer storage oscilloscope

Computer interface type USB2.0
Signal input interface type BNC connection, with universal oscillograph probe
Maximum sampling rate 150 kHz
Operating voltage 5 V, supplied through USB ports
Current consumption 170mA
Measurable frequency 0 Hz-50 kHz
DIV array Horizontal 16 DIV * vertical 10 DIV
Voltage adjusting range 10 mV/DIV-100 mV/DIV
Input impedance 1MΩ
Maximum display range ±8 DIV
Maximum measurable voltage ±800 MV, ±8 V when the probe X10 is on
Error of voltage measurement ±2.5%
Adjusting range of vertical baseline 6 DIV
Adjusting range of time domain 100 uS/DIV-10800 S/DIV
Error of time measurement ±0.1%
Capacity of data record and save 8388608 * 5
The longest time of data record and save 93 hours

Instructions on system configuration
Our computer storage oscilloscope and its software support Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems. We recommend using the following configurations:
Windows XP system
CPU ≥ 1 GHz
Video card ≥ 32M, the driver must be installed properly
Memory ≥ 256M
Hard disk available space ≥ 100M
USB2.0 connection is required and the USB power supply is 200 MA.

Standard accessories of our computer storage oscilloscope
SZEKT-501A oscillograph * 1
High speed USB2.0 interface cable * 1
BNC tie-ins * 5
CD *1

We is a professional computer storage oscilloscope supplier based in China. In addition to PC based oscilloscopes, we can also provide many other vehicle service tools, like boring machines, crankshaft grinders, smoker meter opacimeters, fuel injection pump test benches, and tire changers, and more. All our products are CE certified and are well accepted in South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, etc. So, customers can feel secure in using our auto service equipment.
If you have any auto inspection equipment, auto repair equipment or auto maintenance equipment need, please contact us immediately. We are ready to serve you.

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